Lovačke puške

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Baikal MP-18M-M FINAL

Baikal MP-18M-M

Baikal MP-43 FINAL

Baikal MP-43

Baikal MP-155 FINAL

Baikal MP-155

Baikal MP-27М 1C FINAL

Baikal MP-27M-1C

Baikal MP-153 FINAL

Baikal MP-153


Benelli Beccaccia supreme FINAL Benelli Beccaccia supreme 
Benelli Centro FINAL Benelli Centro 
Benelli M1 FINAL Benelli M1
Benelli Montefeltro FINAL Benelli Montefeltro
Benelli Raffaello Crio FINAL Benelli Raffaello Crio 
Benelli Super Black Eagle II Comforte FINAL  Benelli Super Black Eagle II Comforte 


Browning Maxus ONE Browning Maxus ONE 


 Winchester SX3 Big Game Combo Winchester SX3 Big Game Combo
Winchester SX3 Black Shadow  Winchester SX3 Black Shadow
Winchester SXP Field  Winchester SXP Field


Beretta 686 White Onyx FINAL  Beretta 686 White Onyx
Beretta A300 Outlander FINAL Beretta A300 Outlander 
Beretta A400 XPlore FINAL  Beretta A400 XPlore 
Beretta ES 100 FINAL  Beretta ES 100 
beretta Xplor Light FINAL Beretta Xplor Light


Bettinsoli Diamond FINAL Bettinsoli Diamond
Bettinsoli Nexus FINAL  Bettinsoli Nexus 
Bettinsoli Overland FINAL Bettinsoli Overland 
Bettinsoli Silverlite FINAL  Bettinsoli Silverlite 
Bettinsoli X7 FINAL  Bettinsoli X7 
Bettinsoli XTrail FINAL  Bettinsoli XTrail 


Fair Master Trap FINAL Fair Master Trap 
Fair Premier EM FINAL Fair Premier EM 


Hatsan Escort AS FINAL  Hatsan Escort AS 
Hatsan Escort Supreme FINAL Hatsan Escort Supreme 
Hatsan Optima S12 FINAL Hatsan Optima S12 


 Huglu 101 FINAL  Huglu 101
Huglu 103 C FINAL  Huglu 103 C 
Huglu 104 FINAL  Huglu 104 
Huglu 601 FINAL Huglu 601
Huglu 901 FINAL  Huglu 901


Sabatti Falcon FINAL  Sabatti Falcon 
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